Sally and I have managed to settle our differences-mostly me just being too argumentative. I think that in what is coming ahead, that may be a problem. But I know the situation, and I think everyone knows I don't mean it. Whatever the case may be, I cradle superiously the shotgun Chris had given. It's a fine one: Autori, pump. Looks like it's been fired a few hundred times, the stock is broken in and sliding action is smooth. While waiting for Cliff, I have taken out the metal bolt, allowing me to put in another round. If the situation demands it, I can get off 8 rounds now. Taking the bolt is against the law, but sometimes the situation around you does not listen to the law.

I have been outside, pacing the area around the parking lot we are in. I hadn't watched when Cliff left, but he said he was off on an errand. Not even sure if some of the others went with him. In any case, the caddy is gone. Ryan has been looking at the high school across the way like a man who sees his hunger. I'm not sure what's going to happen with him. Scott has been talking to him a lot, and they look at lot more at peace. I am glad to have the mess with Sally resolved, but am not sure who might blow, and who might not.

I have been checking Jhasen's body. He looks good for no refrigeration. If we can hack it, maybe we can squeeze some more people out of the van, and get a big ice chest. One good thing from his being trampled; he folds up real nice. Probably a completely shattered pelvis. Don't know-haven't ever been on the receiving end of a Rockport march. I am still worried about the swelling, as the bag has begun to stretch out. Don't know about that. The ice chest idea would also help slow the Rhodophyta, and Xantophyll-eaters that have begun to spread across. Thank god there aren't any maggots-

We have been in the lot for about a half-hour, and I see a motorcycle. It's been about 5 months since I've been riding. It's nice one-1200, and with dual fuel tank. Those tanks alone could probably get me across Missouri, or most of South Dakota. I begin to inch my way over, fingering the wire clippers from Ryan's toolbox. With a little time, I could add to our convoy. We need some more space-and hey, it's white too.

While wiring the damn thing, I have been thinking about our destination. I've been through Cour' dalene. Or some damn Frenchie place. Near there is one of the tallest plateaus around. I think we could get up there in the vehicles. Need to remind myself to mention it to the clan.

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