A lossless compression algorithm that doesn't suck; the anti-.mp3. When a .wav file is compressed with Shorten (.shn), it does not become as small as an .mp3. When it is decompressed, however, it becomes an exact duplicate of the original .wav file. When you decompress an .mp3 file, it is not a bit-for-bit copy -- something has been lost. Try for yourself at etree.org.

Short"en (?), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Shortened ; p. pr. & vb. n. Shortening.] [See Short, a.]


To make short or shorter in measure, extent, or time; as, to shorten distance; to shorten a road; to shorten days of calamity.


To reduce or diminish in amount, quantity, or extent; to lessen; to abridge; to curtail; to contract; as, to shorten work, an allowance of food, etc.

Here, where the subject is so fruitful, I am shortened by my chain. Dryden.


To make deficient (as to); to deprive; -- with of.

Spoiled of his nose, and shortened of his ears. Dryden.


To make short or friable, as pastry, with butter, lard, pot liquor, or the like.

To shorten a rope Naut., to take in the slack of it. -- To shorten sail Naut., to reduce sail by taking it in.


© Webster 1913.

Short"en, v. i.

To become short or shorter; as, the day shortens in northern latitudes from June to December; a metallic rod shortens by cold.


© Webster 1913.

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