A mean trick little kids play on each other.



  1. Have the victim place his/her hand on the paper, with fingers spread. Draw dots on the page above his/her four fingers, and a square above the thumb.
  2. Place the tip of the pen at the dot above the pinky finger and begin by naming the dots and figures you drew, like so:
    "This is your house, (the dot above the little finger), and this is Bob's house, Jerry's house, and Stephanie's house, (above the other fingers), and this is the school, (the square above the thumb)."
  3. Now tell the story:
    "One day, you walked to school, by Bob's house, Jerry's house, and Steph's house, (draw a curve connecting the dot above the little finger through the other dots, up to the square representing the school). But you realized you forgot your books! (draw back along the curve you just drew to the dot above the pinky). So you went home to get your books, but you realized you were late for school, so you had to take a shortcut! (on the word "shortcut", draw a line across their hand from pinky to thumb.)


The victim now has a line across the back of their hand.

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