Debut full-length album by Chicago-based rock/industrial/nu-metal band Filter. Recorded while the band were in Richard Patrick's hometowm of Cleveland (Thanks!), and released in 1995 through Warner Bros.


  1. Hey Man, Nice Shot
  2. Dose
  3. Under
  4. Spent
  5. Take Another
  6. Stuck in Here
  7. It's Over
  8. Gerbil
  9. White Like That
  10. Consider This
  11. So Cool

This CD isn't bad- which is to say it isn't great either. If you take Nine Inch Nails, remove the intelligence and awe-inspiring creativity, add a Ministry-esque level of guitar thrash and industrial pounding, and top it off with a lyrical and vocal style more suited to a fratboy-fronted college rock band, you've pretty much got Filter.

Okay, so what's good about it? Well, there are a couple of really good songs on it. Hey Man, Nice Shot springs to mind, as everyone's heard it on the radio. Dose is good too. Its great utility music, by which I mean music to put on while you're doing something else- driving, playing Quake, working out, etc. As a cathartic teen-angsty type record you could do a lot worse, although I'd personally stick with something like NIN.


btw, Title of Record, despite the crap name, is quite a bit better.

The "Short Bus" is a bus used to transport handicapped children to and from school. The reason for the name is that these buses are shorter than standard school buses, often just a little longer than a full-sized van. The reason these buses exist is that any given school or school district is likely to have only a few such children, and a short bus can best address their individual needs while costing less than a full-size bus.

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