"This is dance music!"

So begins the "Live at Selwyn Hall, Box" album. And so it is.

Shooglenifty is a Gaelic/Celtic-ish band based in Edinburgh. The instruments used by the six musicians include the standard fiddle & mandolin, but with a guitar & bass, banjo (really) and drums. There's no real lead instrument, they all combine to form the musical whole.

Their sound is highly tuneful and rhythmic, those melodies that just beg to be whistled combined with a rockin' beat and tight composition that is blows my mind even now as I listen to the album. The folk/rock edge combined with the virtuosity these musicians display makes for music that never gets old.

Also, what a great name. Shooglenifty Shooglenifty Shooglenifty.

Shooglenifty could very easily be a Bordertown band.

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