A New Zealand rock band that are reminiscent of Faith No More, especially in the sense that they have this grinding loud rhythm section and then have sweet little melodies running all over the top of them. They are more angry than Faith No More as a general rule. However, King For A Day (by Faith No More) is one of the a angriest albums out there. A strange effect, but it works pretty well. They have since moved to Melbourne Australia. Their lyrics are comments about the silliness of modern society. Best example of this is My Mind Sedate.

Their two most recent albums: Shihad and The General Electric.

Update: Some time after September 11, Shihad changed their name to Pacifier; not wanting to be associated with the western concept of Jihad (not that Jihad actually means holy war, this is a common misconception).

Update: Thanks to Sud for the corrections. Give the votes that you would have given to me to him instead.

A rock band, somewhat similar in sound to AC/DC and in style to Oasis. Formed in New Zealand in 1988, they released their debut album Churn in 1993 and their followup albums Killjoy and a self-titled album in 95 and 96. March 1999 saw the band relocate to Melbourne and later that year they released the major label success The General Electric.

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