One of The Twelve Swords.

The Sword of Force
Symbol: a hammer

Shieldbreaker is the ultimate weapon. It is capable of defeating any and all other weapons, including all others of the Twelve. In fact, if one of the other eleven is struck against Shieldbreaker, that Sword will be destroyed. Shieldbreaker also provides total immunity against the effects of the other Swords. No bearer of Shieldbreaker will deceived by Sightblinder, nor will he always lose to Coinspinner. Unfortunately, Shieldbreaker does have major drawbacks. Once drawn, for the duration of the battle Shieldbreaker will render a fighter unable to otherwise fight effectively. In addition, Shieldbreaker has absolutely no effect against an unarmed opponent, and it cannot be released as long as its wielder is in active conflict. Taken together, these facts have been used to defeat a possessor of Shieldbreaker more than once.

I shatter Swords and splinter spears;
None stands to Shieldbreaker.
My point's the fount of orphans' tears
My edge the widowmaker.

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