One of The Twelve Swords

The Sword of Chance
Symbol: a pair of dice

Coinspinner's power is that of luck. Whoever wields Coinspinner will be blessed by lucky, fortunate events, especially if they are improbable. One such wielder was fleeing on a horse when an arrow was shot at him from behind. As he was riding away, one of his stirrups slipped, and just as he leaned down to fix it, the arrow shot directly through the place his body had just occupied.

Coinspinner also has the unique property of removing itself from the possession of its wielder. When it does, the Sword reappears in a seemingly random location. This removal can take place at any time, without regard to the wishes of the Sword's wielder. Who holds Coinspinner knows good odds
Whichever move he make
But the Sword of Chance, to please the gods
Slips from him like a snake.

Coinspinner's power over probability also means that no one can keep it for long. It tends to be lost, dropped, stolen and otherwise removed from anyone who poseses it for too long.

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