This sort of phrase is usually appended to a compliment of some sort. It basically serves to nullify the complement and place the other person in a bad light. If the person who you've complemented or otherwise spoke positively of hears you append "She told me to say that," you are often rewarded with a satisfying outraged expression, especially if you say it with a smug grin on your face.

An example: "I don't have to eat cat food anymore, because my girlfriend is such as good cook. She told me to say that."

Do not overuse or otherwise abuse this phrase. Consequences can include making the other person look like an ass for asking for a complement, making you look like an ass for saying that the other requested it, and possibly injuring trust between yourself and the other person. It's a small disparaging remark that, when combined with other small forms of seemingly harmless badness, makes relationships taste like sour milk.

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