"Britney Spears," Eve murmured. "You made me a whore." She nodded to herself and smiled softly, doodling blocky letters across the crisp page of her noteboook.


She scratched at the blunt crimson scrape on the edge of her knee. Her pen wildly articulated a busty, straight-haired chick with devil horns in the margin. She was pretty sure it was an exact likeness of Britney in the "Oops I did it again" music video. It's funny she was doodling Britney Spears, considering the view she was facing.

Some guy with his dog was coming up the pathway. From her perch on the edge of the rock, she could see him but wasn't sure if he could see her. The sky was so blue and the flowers were so yellow they were bordering on neon. His beagle angled his head up towards her rock and sniffed the air.
He smells it. She cursed aloud. Her eyes flicked over the dog's owner. He was wearing sunglasses, so she couldn't get an accurate estimate of how old he was. His pale blue shirt was one of those synthetic, sweat-wicking sport tops. He was wearing leather flip flops and dorky nylon shorts. She picked at her eyelash, irritated by her sudden urge to know him.

The dog kept leading him up the pathway, and he caught sight of her. It wasn't difficult, as the intense green of her dress stood out against the grainy beige of the rocks she was sitting on. She pulled her dress down over her upper leg.

"Buster smells something illegal," The man laughed. He raked his fingers almost casually through his dark hair. She felt suddenly extremely connected to him as he made is way towards her. "Aren't you cold? It's kind of windy up here." He pushed his sunglasses up onto his forehead. She guessed him to be to be in his mid twenties, with masculine features and a strong, knit brow. His gaze fixed on her bare skin hungrily. Her eyes easily picked out a simple gold band on his ring finger.
Eve turned away from him, gazing down into the valley below. She could just see the highway over the trees, with the hollow hum of traffic in background. To the opposite side were a series of low-end housing units built on the edge of the cliffs. She wondered who lived there, and if they would notice the smell. There was something heart wrenchingly temporary about the brilliance of the sky against the fresh green of the grass and those vibrant flowers.

"Care to join?" She breathed, extending her slender arm to offer the stranger a neat, gently burning joint. The man hesitated, then carefully seated himself beside her. He tugged at the edge of his shirt.
"Haven't done this in awhile." He mused, sucking gently on her roach without taking his eyes of her legs. "What's your name?"
"Eve." He finally turned his eyes towards her face with a flippant grin.
"No it isn't." She scoffed.
"How would you know the difference? You don't know me." He said, passing the joint back to her. "You're interesting, Eve. You're sexy."
Eve shook her head at his words.
"I'm seventeen." She exhaled a swirling cloud of smoke. She was.
"No you aren't." He raised those eyebrows and laughed.
"How would you know?" She smiled. "What a beautiful day." She beamed up at the sky, feeling the warmth of the sun soak through her cotton dress.
"Strange, for February." Adam said. He reached out to touch her cheek, and kissed her softly on the lips. She stared back at him, nonchalant. Nice. She reached down and lightly traced the inseam of his nylon shorts. Then she pulled her dress over her head.
His hands covered her body. His tongue, his fingers. They were strange and unfamiliar, but skilled nonetheless. She had never been kissed by someone so old. He ran his ring finger down the length of her spine and she felt his wedding band thud against each of her vertebrae...

Eve laughed at her fantasy, watching the unknown man meander after his dog down the path away from the rocks. She wondered if he was married. She wondered if he had seen her smoking. She wondered if he would have fucked her, right on top of these rocks. She wondered how he kissed, and who was important to him. She wondered what he called his dog.
She would never know, because even if she ran in to him again she would never remember him. Especially because he was still wearing those sunglasses. Impulsively, she reached for her bag and located her camera. She waited until his back was turned, then snapped a photo of him and his dog.
When she got home hours later, she was reminded that he owned a red and white beagle and wore a faded blue t-shirt and dorky black shorts.

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