Don't talk to her. She doesn't need you- doesn't need your support and understanding. It's not like you were the best friend she ever had. You were no different than anyone else that had lost her trust in the past. Everyone that she had ever felt close to and trusted most, they had thrown themselves away too. The others made mistakes and were pushed away as a result of lost trust. It seems as if you ditched her. Just got up and walked away, without so much as a "see ya never".

She swears you still do care about her a lot. But she has trouble believing it since it's been so long since the two of you have talked. If you won't be there for her, then I will be. Keep in mind though, it's not so easy for her to trust someone new. She can't and won't tell me everything that she wants to say. If you came back though, she'd let all barriers down and tell you in a heartbeat. She would forgive you for the wrong she feels you've done against her. She would take you back as the friend she once had because she still loves you regardless of anything.

I think you'll show up when she least expects it. When you do, she'll be pissed off, but she'll play nice and only confess to how much she has missed you. Until then, I will be her support, but a head's up- she doesn't want me, she wants you.

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