This is a special limited time offer so listen close.
For 16 payments of hard work you too can be a proud participant in the American dream!

Yes, you too can work hard and move out of the inner city.
Your dream house, complete with white picket fence, dog and a tree house can be yours for only 16 payments of hard work.

Give your children the life you never had! Complete with friendly neighbors this offer is the total package. Every home comes fully furnished with built in stove, refrigerator and microwave. Complementary furniture sets come in five, yes five different options. The garage comes fully stocked with tool set, work bench, minivan and that luxury sedan for the commute.

Do laundry with the deluxe Clothespro(TM) washer and dryer set.

Play catch in your own yard.

Call Now!

Terms and conditions apply. Results may vary. Not everyone will qualify.
Happiness not included.

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