Big Canadian telecomunications company. I get my TV and Internet Cable through Shaw. They provide cable, internet, and cable content. They compete with Rogers.

Shaw is a small parish town situated 11 miles from Greater Manchester. It lies between Oldham and Rochdale, although those who live there would say they came from Oldham.

It is virtually no different than any other small town in England. It is inhabited by people who have lived there all their lives. They are an odd species in that they think Manchester is another world, even though it's 20 minutes by train.

It is my ambition, that by the time I'm 30 years old, not to live there anymore.

A fact you may or may not find interesting is that Bobby Ball of Cannon and Ball comedy duo fame, came from Shaw.

It's a sad fact that most people from there are backwood shitkickers.

Shaw (?), n. [OE. schawe, schae, thicket, grove, AS. scaga; akin to Dan. skov, Sw. skog, Icel. skgr.]


A thicket; a small wood or grove.

[Obs. or Prov.Eng. & Scot.]


Gaillard he was as goldfinch in the shaw. Chaucer.

The green shaws, the merry green woods. Howitt.

2. pl.

The leaves and tops of vegetables, as of potatoes, turnips, etc.




© Webster 1913.

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