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Another roll-type dish in the dim sum collection. Rolls are great because you can put almost anything in them. Unlike most rolls, this one is lightly fried, hence not too fatty. But it isn't too crunchy. Personally, I prefer the deep-fried ones, but this makes a pretty decent alternative.


Seasoning Cooking
  1. Sieve and mix flour, salt and pepper powder together into a large pan; shell the chicken eggs, add water to beat well, pour the mixture into the flour to beat until smooth.
  2. Heating a frying pan, apply oil into it. Heat and pour the flour paste in to shallow-fry and make 16 to 18 pancakes.
  3. Shred roast lean pork; shred cucumber; scald carrot in boiling water for a while and shred it. Soak black mushrooms until soft, steam them until cooked and shred them.
  4. Heating oil in a pot, dump green bean sprouts in to sautee for a while. Scoop them out; heat the pot again, add oil to fry cucumber and carrot shreds, then add roast lean pork, black mushrooms and green bean sprouts to stir-fry for a while, season them, stir potato starch solution in, place them in a plate and let it cool.
  5. Lay the pancakes flat on the table, put stuffing in, wrap them into the shape of spring roils and seal the openings with egg juice.
  6. Beat 3 chicken eggs well, put the pancake rolls in to coat them evenly, put them in the heated shallow pan and shallow-fry them until golden yellow for serving.

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