According to Masters and Johnson the sexual response cycle starts with the excitement phase. During this phase Masters and Johnson discovered that heart and blood pressure change, muscle tension increases, nipples and penis become erect.

Next is the plateau phase. This is where the intensity changes. There is more intensity than the excitement phase. During this phase there becomes the male inevitability to have an orgasm.

The third phase is the orgasm phase. This is when there is male emission, and expulsion. The heart rate increases for both partners. Muscles contract. Females enter an orgasmic platform where they may be able to have multiple orgasms.

The last phase is the resolution phase. During this phase the male turns to an unaroused state and enters his refractory period. The refractory period generally lengthens with age. Females also return to an unaroused state. The cervix lowers to maximize fertilization and multiple orgasms are possible.

This is based of the research and study of over 10,000 sexual episodes and 700 men and women.

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