Most people, when attempting to have sex on a motorcycle, go for the obvious. This means putting the bike on its centerstand and turning the engine off. Then one partner (usually the male, assuming a heterosexual couple) sits in the front seat facing backwards. The other partner climbs on the back seat, facing forward. From here the first person may lean back onto the motorcycle's fuel tank and sex may ensue.

This is not the most efficient method of engaging in sex while on a motorcycle. For more enjoyable sex on a bike, try this method:

  • Place the motorcycle on its centerstand with the engine on.
  • The first participant (the female, assuming a heterosexual couple) gets in the front position, facing forward.
  • The second participant (male) climbs on the back seat, also facing forward.
  • The female holds onto the handlebars for stability. This also gives her control of the engine speed.
  • The female may stimulate her clitoris by placing it against the motorcycle's fuel tank. She may also cause the tank to vibrate at different speeds by controlling the motorcycle's throttle.
  • The male may penetrate (vaginally or anally) from behind.

    This method is far more comfortable and stimulating for all involved. There are easy variations for non-heterosexual intercourse.

    Unfortunately not all motorcycles have centerstands. Harley Davidson motorcycles are unlikely to have a centerstand, for example. In this case the above method may be used but, depending on the height of the motorcycle seat, one or both participants must put their left foot on the ground to prevent the motorcycle from tipping over during intercourse.

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