The world, today, has taken the view that sex is a bad, bad thing. It should not be spoken of in public, it should not be done before you are good and married, and it is a taboo thing that is hidden from the ears of the population. Years and years of puritanical view has filed away at our freedom to express what we are naturally drawn to. We feel shame when walking into a sex shop for the first time. We feel badly when fantasizing about what makes us aroused. We look down at our feet in public when looking through books on sexual topics and we blush when sexual terms are brought up. Society had taught us that sex is dirty, that genitalia are dirty, and that sex is a bad thing to have unless you are trapped securely in the bonds of marriage. Our schools teach as little about sex as possible. They only tell the children what is needed to prevent the little girls from becoming pregnant, and in most cases, they don't say enough for it to be effective.

After saying this, I have to ask, "Why?"

Why don't mothers teach their little girls when they come of age to understand that they have a vagina and that they have a urethral orifice, and a clitoris? Why do the classes created to inform children of their sexual nature hide things that children need to know? Why are we never told about intersexed babies, odd quirks about penises, interesting facts about breasts? Why are children forced to learn all the countries of Africa and Russia and yet are not taught about their own bodies?

As humans, sex is a natural body function. It comes as naturally to us as urination and sleeping and eating. Our bodies are built to have sex. We are given the hormones to tell us when we should have sex. Nature has supplied women with a very accurate set of signs to tell them when they can and when they cannot conceive. Why are our children not taught these things? Why do we blush when someone talks about his or her penis or vagina?

Just the other day, I learned something that made me think much differently about myself and about my body, and about society. I started doing research. I read about many things that I had been told the contrary of when I was younger.

I learned that between the clit and the vagina is a second, smaller hole, called the urethral orifice. Female humans urinate from it. Never before was I told this. No school, no book I was given, and no adult informed me of this. I never looked because I was taught that the female genitalia only had this and that and nothing else, and that it is a bad and dirty thing. I never believed that there was something else down there.

Why was I never taught? Why do so many children have sex and get pregnant? The reason is that society hates sex. Society wants sex and anatomy of the genitalia to be hush-hush. There are children out there who believe that if the male puts a wristwatch around his penis during sex, his female partner cannot get pregnant.

Why don't we teach people the right way to do things? Why is sex a bad thing? Why are homosexuals and bisexuals and transsexuals thought to be bad in the majority of society? What possible reason could society present to us to say that we shouldn't teach our children about their urges, about how to be safe, about what their bodies are telling them, and what everything is used for? When are we going to come to terms with the fact that adolescents are going to have sex and start teaching them how to have sex the safe ways, instead of telling them half-truths that lead to guessing and trial-and-error?

Sex is not bad. Sex is a beautiful and wonderful way to have full body exercise, relieve stress, and show someone you love them in ways words cannot express. We are animals, and we are meant to have sex. It is a sharing of nature and intimacy and it should not be hidden.

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