Sex Gang Children is, essentially, a punkish glamish goth band with really weird vocals.

Sex Gang Children was founded in 1982 by Andi Sex Gang and his friend Dave Roberts. Andi sang, and Dave played Bass like it was a guitar. They played one gig under the name of Panic Button, and then changed their name to The Sex Gang Children, from a William S. Burroughs book, after a suggestion from Malcolm McLaren via Boy George. They soon (i.e. one gig later) picked up guitarist Terry MacLeay and drummer Rob Stroud.

The band had trouble getting bookings at first due to their name. This soon changed after Sex Gang Children was signed on to Illuminated Records, after which they soon made a very successful appearance at the Futurama Festival in Leeds. They soon released a cassette (Naked), and an EP by the title of Beasts, which became very successful, and stayed for many weeks at the top of the independent charts.

Sex Gang Children have since gone on to release several more albums, and Andi Sex Gang in particular has gone on to achieve much.

More, later.

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