Terrible Music, but they have the power of friendship and at least one obsessive stalker/fan

  • Location: The faraway city of Toronto, Canada
  • Origin: Think about Bob-ombs and Sex Bomb and put them together. With duct tape.
  • Lineup:
    • Stephen "The Talent" Stills on guitar and vocals
    • Scott "Rating: 10/10" Pilgrim on bass
    • Kim "if your life had a face, I would punch it."┬áPine on drums
    • Young Neil "Nordegraf" as backup bass
  • Major Hits:
    • LaunchPad McQuack (not the actual song title)
    • Kim's Song
    • Erasmus the Enchanter
  • Achievements:
    • Anti-piracy: Defeat ┬áthis year's pirate fashion (beat Matthew Patel)
    • Ying the 'Yangs: Defeat the Double Dragon (beat the Katayanagi Twins)
    • Sellouts: Score a contract with G-Man Graves
  • Fun fact: They have exactly two fans. One is the backup bass and the other is in love with the frontline bass player

What the hell is this?

Sex Bob-Omb is a band featuring in the Scott Pilgrim series of comics/graphic novels, formed after Kim moved to Toronto. Both Scott and Kim had played together in a band called Sonic & Knuckles, which had exactly one gig. Scott and Stephen also played together in a band called Kid Chameleon which grew to ridiculous sizes for a college band. They both were kicked off the band despite being their founders by singer Envy Adams, who would go on to form her own band, The Clash at Demonhead.

In-comic SB is not a really good band, but they try very hard to win the Toronto International Battle of the Bands because the winner will have a recording deal with oxymoronically big indie producer "G-Man" Graves. The relationships between the members and their close friends and fan, as well as the battle itself are all major points in the narrative. Will they win even if only one person has talent? Will G-Man Graves actually notice them? How can they compete against pure soundwaves and the greatest Indie Rock band in the history of Canada? These will all be answered.

In the movie adaptation of the series, the music is actually provided by Beck. I don't know whether Michael Cera, Allison Pill and Mark Webber can actually play something, but I wouldn't bet on them. Then again, if they can't play that good, they're doing great characterization while sacrificing time and electricity. Will somebody think of the ears?

"Real" songs

In the movie adaptation, the songs played by the band and in the soundtrack are:

  • We are Sex Bob-Omb
  • Garbage Truck
  • Threshold
  • Indefatigable
  • No Fun
  • Summertime

In my humble opinion, those songs are actually listen-able although not exactly my style. It helps that they wre written by an actual music professional.

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