Yet another not very super superhero from The Tick, Sewer Urchin spends most of his time in the sewer (surprise). The character seems to be loosely based on Dustin Hoffman's character in Rain Man. For example, Sewer Urchin once muttered something like "big scary guy. yeah, definately a big scary guy".

Sewer Urchin's arch-enemy is the Sewer Czar, an evil genius who seems to wear a garbage can around his chest and leads the armies of Filth (beings made up of just about every nasty thing found in the sewers). Apart from that Sewer Urchin has a spectacular array of suits for battle in every type of terrain imaginable. This seems to make him one half of The Tick's seires parody of Batman, Die Fledermaus with his impressive costume but over exaggerated ears makes the other half. The same applies to American Maid being a mixture of Captain America and Wonder Woman.

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