Set to Boil


In the molecular jive

the atoms dive and ricochet

this way and that

like Ella in a rippin scat.


Electrons spin like wild cats

tearin from their orbital norms

and slammin into the swing

of this hippest combo, H2O.


Wouldn't you know

the show is just startin

with hydrogen boppin of the top

of the solid groove and makin

its move into a gaseous state

where the joint gets to steamin

and riffs are streamin like pure

heat off the street of dreams.


The kettle screams and the

hydro and oxy teams are dodgin,

diggin, loopin, hoopin, trippin

and rippin at the seams of form.


Bop is the top of the heap

when it comes to reapin

a fine line to blow your mind

and your own horn, scorn

the rule that says only fools

jive in where angels fear.


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