An amazing band composed somewhat of members Man... or Astroman?, Servotron's schtick is that they are all robots. They sound a *lot* like early DEVO and their songs are mostly about the robots having a revolution and killing all the people. They're from Seattle. I saw them play once and they at one point got disgusted with the (human) audience and got a microwave oven and candy dispenser in front of them to perform for.

Servotron broke up sometime in 1999, I believe, and were actually from Georgia. The keyboard player went on to form the Plastic Plan. For reference, the Servotron Robot Allegiance's motto was "Join us or Die!!" They also wrote "Red Robot Refund (The Ballad of R5-D4)", a reference to the red droid that exploded, keeping him with C-3PO.

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