As far as i can tell, Sero.Overdose is a generic futurepop band.

Actually, they're a pretty respectable group with a diverse sound rooted in synthpop and non-distorted EBM. The release Serotonin is a stunning example of studio perfectionism not seen since Tom Sholtz of Boston got his hands on a nice studio setup (hopefully, sero.overdose won't take 8 years between recordings). This is saying a lot since many critics hold Tom's recordings in very high esteem... I myself posing as one of these "critics". Obviously, in the context of musical generes, this comparison lacks a certain validity, but I feel it holds it's own case, regardless. Once you get past the vocals, which is the least of your worries, the album itself compares to the best of Icon of Coil and Seabound. is their website. I'm assuming wasn't an option. As of this write up, it's not working past the root (opera7). This caveat has insofar forefended my attempts of extracting a bio for my new favorite generic futurepop band, as there dosen't seem to be any info extractable from any other source (including the liner notes).

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