Booked my flight for Vegas and forgot to use a credit card so that money is gone from my checking account. The good news is I can cover the expense, this is a major feat for me. I still need to go to the bank to deposit a check and some cash. I'm disappointed that the guy I sold my super expensive very high end dishwasher to for $100 still hasn't paid me yet. He's also taking his time about returning the appliance dolly that belongs to my former father-in-law.

Got a lot done today. Made flax seed bread which is edible even if it isn't fabulous. I snuck in some carrot dust from juicing. I crave carrot juice so frequently I finally decided to make a batch of it and keep it in the fridge. I've done this with orange juice and it was a smart idea at the time. I also steamed some vegetables, put a tiny roast in the crock pot, and made two chicken legs with the thighs attached. I love the idea of roasting an entire chicken, but when I cleaned out the fridge I threw more than half of the meat I had made previously away which didn't sit well with me.

Not in the mood to go out, but I need to take my check to the bank and run other assorted errands. The girls are here, I'm happy to see them and frustrated that they're both sick. This isn't the first time they've come back from their dad's house with colds. It's frustrating to see them come back run down and pale in addition to listening to the coughs and seeing my oldest wipe her nose on whatever happens to be handy unless she snuffles it up like she did just now. Gross, but I remember doing the same thing and my mom chastising me for it. Could write more, but I'm trying to keep moving or I'll sit down and wake up from a twenty-year nap. Hope I'm not coming down with anything...

Praying this finds you well,


P.S. My tooth is making me very nervous, trying not to worry about it, but I noticed that now it hurts even when I'm not eating sweets or even eating/drinking anything at all. Scared of more pain, not sure what can be done about this, do I spend the money to see another dentist and get a second opinion or just wait and see what happens? Neither option is particularly appealing.

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