You wear your hair pulled back, and you smile slowly across the room from me. Outside I hear glass breaking, and can’t help but imagine my heart breaking – like glass, slowly. You want me to notice your ears, and so I ring them softly with my fingertips as your face is pressed to mine. No tears for me to kiss away this time, but sadness all the same. Your face is like a picture that god would paint, if god had a fucking clue what it felt like to be human. Emotion wears your features.

You wreathe your limbs around mine,
a rush of troubled powerlessness.
Is it fear of giving too much away,
or falling in too much?
You clasp onto mine so tightly,
I restrain my drive to crush
Every moment that has made you worry,
Loss of innocence;
Every blush that lost its heated touch.
I would wrest away from Time
all he stole from you
And then I would begin
Serving up cold revenge, taking my time.
I've set a blaze to watch the glow
With apocalypse on my mind.

You wear your hair pulled back,
puddle-diving for sensations and pleasures
lost somewhere in the deep.
A beat, and then...
my neck breaks.

I dove in first while you were still testing the waters.
A toe is all you give to me,
sufficient in the least;
a sparkplug deftly spiderwebs the car window pane.

You wear your hair pulled back.

You wear your heart upon your sleeve.

I wear your eyes like earrings; fancy myself in the mirror awhile.
I wear you like a talisman and guard against that which does not,


You can be ashamed
Or be so proud of what you’ve done
But no one, not now, not ever, anyone

* Modest Mouse - Teeth Like God's Shoeshine

Damn you skinny white boys.

You get me... every time.

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