Damn, I felt like shit that day. I had fever since Friday, a very annoying ubo, a sipon, and vomited 2 times (eww). I can't watch TV, go outside, play some video games, or write in E2. I really had to rest all day. Gotta be flu. Should have gotten that flu vaccine months ago.

What was even more frustrating was that I lost my appetite. All food tastes nothing to me. Give me the fever, the allergic rhinitis, and cough, but don't take away my taste. I only ate one pandesal, a half plate of pasta with bacon and chicken breast, and a quarter from a 70g cup of instant noodles. Compared to yesterday, I was able to eat a full meal of pork adobo at lunch, a McDonalds Chicken Sandwich with fries at snack time, and two bowls of bulalo (which is boiled beef with vegetables and corn) at dinner. I also had fever. I don't understand.

I knew that I had to be absent tomorrow from school, so I worried about what quizzes and activities I would miss. AFAIK that time, there would be a quiz in Pre-Calculus, a group presentation in Disaster Risk Reduction, and... Oh, crap that assignment in General Math. I still haven't figured out what the heck is a rational inequality yet. Darn.

"Oh well," says my September 22 self, "time to go to sleep and prepare for a checkup tomorrow."

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