Woke up and watched the French news on TV. Then I continued reading Edwin Campion Vaughan's "Some Desperate Glory", his published World War One diary. Cleaned the apartment. Spent time thinking of somebody I'm nuts about. Went to French class. Came home and read an old copy of Paris-Match (one with Sophia Loren on the cover). Then listened to a tape of some 1930s Fred Astaire songs. And read my e-mail...

Played more Quake II before going to sleep, I will actualy finish this game, unlike the last 3 or 4. More documentation to do, bleh. Oh, crap gotta do HW, more bleh. HW was easy, phew, man my prof in the last class likes to use every second, kept us till 10:35pm!

News 9/22/99

9/21/99, 9/23/99

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