This was a great toy I bought years ago and I think they still sell it today.
The same kind of thing as LaserTag and Quasar, Lock-On consisted of a headset and gun. You only got one of each in a pack, so to play someone else they needed to buy it too, which was fairly expensive.
The headset was cool, as it had an eyepiece which would show how many lives you had left. The gun had single or rapid fire modes and a super shot which you got once per game which would take off more 'lives'.
If you were terrible at the game then there was the 'Lock-On' mode where your gun would make a noise when it was aimed directly at the other person's headset. Of course this was for losers only as it required no real skill.
There was also a single player mode with target practice, but that was only used on a rainy day.

I used to stay out until all hours playing this, when it was dark all you could see were two red LED's from the headsets bobbing around a field.

And if you were one of the only kids to have one then everyone wanted a go. I recall my brother hiring his out on exchange for POGS.

As a sidenote I should add that I live in England, where we were never in danger of being shot by the police.

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