Sean Leslie Flynn (1941-1970) was the son of swashbuckling actor Errol Flynn and Lili Damita who disappeared during the Vietnam War.

He started out in his father’s footsteps, acting in a dozen movies of the low brow adventure variety, including one called The Son of Captain Blood, a sequel to his father’s classic Captain Blood. But restlessness got the best of him, and he headed off to Vietnam to work as a freelance photographer and journalist for UPI and Time magazine.

He and his friend and fellow journalist Dana Stone heard reports of Viet Cong activity in Cambodia, so on April 6, 1970, they rented a pair of red Honda motorbikes and headed towards the border. They were never heard from again, other than shadowy rumors of a pair of tall, bearded prisoners of the Khmer Rouge. According to a declassified CIA report, Flynn and Stone were captured by the Viet Cong and held captive for six months, then turned over to the Khmer Rouge. In 1971, they were clubbed to death, perhaps because the Khmer Rouge believed they were CIA spies.

The romantic legend of Flynn disappearing in the jungle has captivated people over the last 30 years, and Flynn or a fictionalized version of him has appeared in a number of novels and plays. A con-artist named Derek Acorah, who calls himself a "spirit medium", claimed to have communicated with Flynn during a program on the E! channel called "Hollywood Spirituality."

A song by Joe Strummer and Mick Jones.

This song is on the last "real" Clash album, Combat Rock. It's a sad, strange, disjunct, floating song with much echo and dub-style thingies flitting between the speakers. It makes a nice melting spot between Jones' increasing interest in studio trickery and Strummer's ongoing Hemingwayish fascination with violence, combat, and so on (not to mention old movie stars...).

"Rain on the leaves..." It's very effective. I'd always wondered who Sean Flynn was. Now that I know, I think the song is perfect for it.

You know he heard
The drums of war
When the past
Was a closing door

The drums beat into the jungle floor.

Closing door
Closing door

Rain on the leaves
Soldier sing
You never never hear anything

They filled the sky with a tropical storm.

Closing door
Closing door

You know he head the drums of war
Each man knows what he's looking for.

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