The Sculptura, like the Ericofon, was a telephone that was a product of its time. Beginning in 1972, Western Electric Co. began producing this lovely phone. Shaped like a donut (and referred to as the "donut phone" ever since), the Sculptura came in three colors: white, brown, and yellow. It was produced for the next 5 years, with a touchtone dial eventually attached in lieu of a rotary dial.

Today, the Sculptura is one of the staples of modern jetset living. Models by imitators have come out since then, all the way into the late 1990s (though I can't find a current maker) in a variety of colors and with more modern phone jack connections. A vintage model will set you back anywhere from $50-$100, depending on the general quality of the piece and its color (white being the most popular by far.)

I own one Sculptura, and to tell you the truth, I had more fun painting it than ought to be legal. I changed it from the dull yellow to a fun Union Jack look, replete with supremely vibrant blue, red, and white stripes. The Sculptura lends itself to casual conversation with first-time guests - people always wonder where I got the donut phone.

It's amazing what one little piece can do to change the tenor of your decorations. Other brands like the Contempra, the Princess telephone, and of course older rotary models can work wonders, too. Go get one today!

For a picture of the Sculptura, do an eBay search or visit

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