The Scroll of Omnipotence might be the best item in ADOM. I say 'might', not because there is some disagreement about excactly how good it is, but because nobody has seen it or even know if it exists, except of course TB.

The Scroll, appart from being refered to in the executable, is also mentioned in a scroll hidden in the High Mountain Village, reading

Dear Lubaf, I am sorry to disappoint you but you won't be able to find the Scroll of Omnipotence in this place. I have hidden it more effectively. You will need to find the red rooster at dawn. Then you'll encounter the final challenge.

With passionate hate, Alhacrast, Overlord of Jak-Nagiur.

None of these names give any meaning to the Ancient Dwarf who can tell you much about many other things in the game.

When you deliver the crumpled scroll to Khelavaster he tells you that "Some folks confused the function of this scroll and created foolish legends about it." This probably means that the Scroll of Omnipotence is a red herring, but you never know.

From examining the executable, the Scroll, if it exists, will either kill you or give you much power, up to that "you feel invincible". Also, it appears that the Weird Tome contains information about its location, but so far no character has been able to read it well enough to find out. So as long as TB keep the source code to ADOM for himself (thankfully), it may take quite a long time before anybody solves this mystery.

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