An interface for writing scripts and macros in the database utility Filemaker. Scriptmaker uses a small command set, and requires the user to insert commands and field names by double-clicking on them from a menu. Although it shows these in a nearby window as simple text, there is no way to type into this text directly.

This interface is simple to use and enforces proper syntax. However, it has very severe limitations. Let's say you want to use Filemaker as your frontend for data entry, something they advertise the program as being well-suited to. If you want to have a 20-page survey, on which each page has a "go to next page" button, there is no way to make 20 copies of the basic script, alter the page number each button goes to in a word processor, and paste them into the appropriate place. You must make duplicates of each script within the scriptmaker interface, click three times on each to rename it, and then open each one separately, click on the command to change pages, and edit the page number there.

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