Scorched Earth 2000 is a java-based, open source version of the classic "Mother of All Games", Scorched Earth. It was not created (or perhaps even authorized) by original Scorch author Wendell Hicken; it is put out by Kaos Software.

In a time when the classic version seems to have become abandonware, and when most of us have left the trusty DOS platform that supported Scorched Earth so well, Scorched Earth 2000 is, so far, the closest thing that approaches a successful, cross-platform and multi-player implementation.

It is missing a few key weapons and defenses -- the sandhogs and the deflector shields are surely sad omissions -- and the physics of the game are not 100% identical. However, when you need your daily or weekly hot napalm fix, Scorched Earth 2000 certainly does the trick.

Scorched Earth 2000 can be found at
The project itself (and source code) can be found at

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