If there's one thing about the history of science that you ought to know, it's that no one ever invented it.

If anyone ever tells you that science was "invented" by some ancient Greek philosopher, or by the exponents of the Renaissance, or the Enlightenment, or by anybody else, kick them. Science is simply any way of finding out about the world that bases itself on observation and conducts itself by coherent and sensical methodology. Whether it's right or wrong is irrelevant to the question of whether it's science. So too is who it's done by, or where, or when, or what they're trying to investigate.

Science is not an exclusive club, nor is it a modern invention, nor is it restricted to the world of atoms, molecules and organelles. Science is merely knowledge as opposed to speculation and blind faith.

The Germans call it Wissenschaft, "knowing-ness", and that's all it is.

Science is knowing.

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