Schnitzel is a traditional German cuisine typically made with pork (and sometimes chicken). The meat is first prepared by tenderizing (beating), and is then coated in a thin layer of flour. The meat is then covered with raw, beaten egg, and is then rolled in fine bread crumbs and fried.

Schnitzel is often served with gravies or sauces. Gypsy schnitzel is schnitzel served with spicy tomato-like sauce, and jäger schnitzel is served with mushrooms and bacon. Many other variants of schnitzel exist, so go out and try them. Mmmm.

In Israel the Schnitzel (Usually made out of chicken, eggs and breadcrumbs) is extremely common and made as a quick dinner or lunch with no sauce (maybe some ketchup or bottled barbecue sauce) a quarter lemon and a side of rice or fries. It may be served more formally accompanied with a variety of sauces and cooking styles.

Schnitzel can be considered a typical Israeli food and the most common way to eat one out of the house is inside a standard pita, with hummus, chips (French fries) and Israeli Salad.

Side note: The standard question asked after ordering any food in a pita is “Hummus/Chips/Salat?” usually answered by a “A lot” or “Of course”

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