Schnapszahl ('shnop-tzahl) n. German word for palindrome, specifically referring to numeric palindromes. German culture applies a special significance to Schnapszahl-birthday celebrations (11, 22, 111, etc.) similar to the significance other cultures attach to decade-birthdays and "sweet sixteens," or "Quinceañeras"

Certain palindromic times, dates and years also have special significance, such as the recent "20/02/2002, 20:02" email that was sent around.

There are only 1999 palindromic numbers between zero and one million.

A specific sub-culture in Germany also has a different meaning for Schnapszahl. It means a submissive person who enjoys being used by individuals of either sex (regardless of their own personal sexuality).

I just encountered this term used by a German person who couldn't find the translation, but it turns out that it does *not* mean palindrome, but rather a specific subtype of palindromic number known as a repdigit. That is, all digits in the number must be the same: 11111, 222, 888888, etc.

There are 55 repdigit numbers between zero and a million (counting zero), although the numbers 0-9 usually aren't counted, making it 45.

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