Well, I can't just leave this nodeshell sitting here lonely, especially seeing as it wasn't created by anyone. :-)

As the solitary softlink at the time of writing indicates, Schlumpf is connected to smurf. In fact, in Germany, those intrepidly annoying little blue creatures were not called Smurfs but Schlumpfs...and they were black, not blue.

Marketing decided that in the U.S. this would be a Bad Idea (in a remarkable display of savvy for Marketing) and thus we have blue Smurfs this side of the pond instead of black Schlumpfs.

The plural of Schlumpf is (die) Schlümpfe, and not Schlumpfs. If only plural forms in German were as easy as tacking an “s” on at the end!
While Schlümpfe may have been black in Germany at one point, they are now very, very blue. A toy company still sells plastic Smurf figures in Germany. (My personal favorite is the Smurf in lederhosen.)

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