I love my Saturn SC2. =)

A Saturn SC2 is a car. I believe it stands for "Saturn Coupe" or "Sports Coupe".. There are two models, the SC1 and the SC2. I currently have an 1993 model. The SC1 has an 1.9L engine, and puts out about 85 horses. My SC2 puts out 124 horses, because it has a dual overhead cam. I bought it for $2,250 with 147,000 miles on it. It now has 156,000 miles on it and it is still going strong! Runs great, I recommend it for anyone that is looking for a car with good gas mileage (30-35mpg) and peppy (124hp, 122ft*lbs torque) and light (2,300lbs) and reliable (many happy customers with sc2s over 150,000 miles) =) It also has plastic panels so the car's panels doesn't rust any, and they rarely dent =) Yee haw.

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