Sat Chit Ananda is the Point of It All.

A Sanskrit term alternatively spelled Saccidananda, Sat Chit Ananda is total existence, total knowledge, total bliss. It is the highest form of samhadi, or Oneness of Mind, undistracted union of subject and object.

This is the place where ancient Indian spiritual texts coincide with much of modern physics. Since the entire cosmos, in every form, is energy, or pran, it can be quantified, measured, in terms of its vibrations, the amplitude of its waveform. Sold matter is energy in a gross form; light, from infrared to ultraviolet and beyond, is pran in a finer form.

The most exquisite form of pran--the tiniest slice of pure energy--is the Universe, and the highest plane of form (or is-ness, I guess one could say), the form from which all other planes are derived is that Clear White Light that we hear so much about. This "homogeneous light field" includes Everything. Thus every quantum of energy is interchangeable with every other one and Everything is in continuous change.

At the point of pure pran, where All is One, we may conclude that the Universe IS Consciousness. And when we have succeeded in breaking identification with our body, with our senses and even our thoughts--through sadhana or spiritual work-- we, too, merge into pure Consciousness.

This is the Brahma State. The Ultimate Reality. Our True Nature. Sat Chit Ananda.





Be Here Now, Dr. Richard Alpert, Ph.D. into Baba Ram Dass, Lama Foundation, 1971.

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