Sara Douglass (1957–2011) was born in Penola, South Australia. She spent first part of her working life as a nurse but quickly grew tired of, as she puts it "starched veils, mitred corners and irascivle anaesthetists". She worked her way through three degrees at the University of Adelaide, culminating in a PhD in early modern Engilsh history. Sara now lives in Bendigo where she spends her time writing books and tending her garden.

Her first three books make up The Axis Trilogy: BattleAxe, Enchanter and StarMan. Enchanter won the 1996 Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novel.

Sara wrote Threshold which is a singular tale of Ashdod and Infinity, before she launched herself into a second trilogy set in The Axis Trilogy world Tencendor. It was called The Wayfarer Redemption and consisted of Sinner, Pilgrim and Crusader.

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