Sandra Sully is an Australian Newsreader for Network 10. She currently presents the Late News.

Born 1962 in Brisbane, Australia. Sandra attended Brisbane State High School. She has a twin sister and 2 brothers. She was married to Mark Ryan from 1998-2000. Sandra was voted the 4th favourite female on Australian television in 2001.

Sandra worked as a personal trainer before joining Network 10's news team. Where she started work as a reporter for the network's parliamentary bureau in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. Sandra co-hosted Good Morning Australia in 1992 and was co-anchor for the First At Five news in 1993.

Sandra was on-air presenting the news when the CNN reports came through of the September 11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington D.C. She was one of the first Australian journalists to announce this news to the Australian public. She was also live on-air when the Thredbo landslide disaster occured in New South Wales in 1997.

Some other notable events she has covered include the 1994 Commonwealth Games, 1996 Federal Election and the 1996 Olympic Games. She has been co-hosting the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival and Melbourne Cup since 1997. In 2005 she hosted Network 10's series "Australia's Brainiest Kid" and has hosted a few spin-offs and another series of this show in late 2005 and 2006.

In 2003, Sandra told the Australian Woman's Weekly about an alledged carjack that occured in 2002. She claimed that as she was getting out of her black Mercedes-Benz a masked carjacker threatened her with a gun and attempted to steal her car. She screamed and the attacker fled.

Sandra speaks in a deep, monotone, classic newsreaders voice on-screen and apparently off-screen as well. Some would say that this is one reason she is as credible and trusted to present the news to the Australian Public as many of her high-profile male journalist co-workers are.

Joining an international trend, in 2005 Network 10 made a change to the way the Late News was presented. Sandra moved from presenting the news seated behind a desk to "side saddle" allowing viewers to see much more of her legs. Also, Sandra now wears much more lower-cut tops revealing her cleavage. Although this did prove to be a ratings winner these changes led people to question as to whether Sandra is "too sexy" to present the news.

Many people question as to whether or not she has had breast implants as her breasts appear to be unnaturally large for her small stature. Whether she has gone under the knife or if it is just a case of an extremely good push-up bra is yet to be determined.

Sandra's professionalism, credibility and versatility in conjunction with her look and sex-appeal have made her one of Australia's finest and arguably most respected female journalists.


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