Sandokan, Sandokan, giallo è il sole e la forza mi dà...
Sandokan, Sandokan, dammi forza e ogni giorno
ogni notte il coraggio verrà!

Besides a book from the hand of Italian writer Emilio Salgari (1863-1911), a movie from the hand of Sergio Sollima (1921 -), also a series in 12 episodes by the hand from the same Sollima in an Italian/French/German co-production.
The series follow the adventures of a pirate (Sandokan or 'The Tiger of Malaysia') who is seeking revenge for the slaughtering of his family. In his wake he's followed by fellow pirates ('The young tigers'), as he a la Robin Hood, revenges his family's death on the English, sorcerers, and other stand-in-the-ways. In between he picks up a girlfriend, Marianne, who (coincidently?) is the niece of the Governor Brooke. And as Sandokan later finds out, Brooke is partly quilty for the death of his beloved parents. There is no need to tell the complete story: if you loved the stories of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand, you'll probably love Sandokan's stories too. Just replace the Winchesters and prairies with krisses and jungles.
Sandokan (1976) was a huge success in Europe, synchronized, translated or subtitled in countries like the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and Italy. A remarkable pop-like themesong (attributed to De Angelis brothers, artistname Oliver Onions), action, drama, romance (Who doesn't love Marianne?), and above all a hero blessed with the speed, strenght and (especially) unreasonability of a Malaysian tiger: the right ingredients for lasting youth sentiments.

Kabir Bedi - Sandokan
Philippe Leroy - Janez
Adolfo Celi - Duke Brooks
Carole André - Marianna
and others

Sandokan Sandokan make me warm and I will be the one
Sandokan Sandokan make me warm and I’ll fight
everyday every night everywhere


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