Samo was a 7th Century Frank merchant who came to Slovakia and organized a Central European empire that existed between the years 623-658 under his leadership.

Its exact boundaries are not known, but estimates include Slovakia, Bohemia, Moravia, parts of East Germany occupied by the Wends, and Corutania all the way to the border of Italy (the Corutanians are better known as Slovenians, and Corutania included all of Austria back then).

Though he was a Frank, Samo successfully defended his Slavic empire against the expansionism of the Frank Empire, as well as against the forced Christianization Franks were pushing on Europe.

His fellow Franks accused the Slavs within Samo's Empire of being pagan dogs. Samo sent them this message: "Dogs bite!" They retreated.

To this day, Samo is remembered fondly in Slovakia, as a heroic leader, certainly not as a foreign conqueror. His was an era marked by peace and prosperity.

His genes are probably well established among Slovaks: Samo had a couple dozen wives and more than a hundred children. Quite a cool dude!

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