Tathagata (aka Mr. Sam Han Lee) is a spiritual teacher who claims that he has attained the Supreme Enlightenment. He has got the third eye (aka 'the eye of wisdom') on his forehead, and ever since his enlightenment he has been traveling the world continuously in order to help human beings by teaching the truth of what exists in this world. Tathagata teaches that all phenomena which appear in the natural world occur on the basis of a single fundamental principle, and that solutions to problems in life may be found through what exists in the principle. The goal in practicing his teaching is to understand this principle and to see how 'what is' appears through the principle. The content of his teachings include What is Karma ? What is Life ? What is Destiny ? Happiness and Peace.

The reason that Mr Sam Han Lee was able to attain Supreme Enlightenment is that he had built up virtue through his good deeds in his past lives, and because of this fact he was determined to attain Enlightenment in the present life.

The proof that he is the true enlightened being is that he doesn't charge for any of his teachings, and he helps anybody who needs. He doesn't ask for anything in return for his teaching except people's interest in his message and the future of mankind.

His teachings, travel notes, and the contents of his lectures have been freely available to people on his website for anybody to read. It is his hope that a lot of people will try to verify his enlightenment and that his life and his activities will be a real blessing for people in this age.

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