Working on the dock, butchering and sliming salmon, we frequently got little nicks and cuts on our hands, which would get red and swollen. This was due to salmon poisoning.

Salmon poisoning is an infection caused by bacteria found on the skin of salmon. If left untreated, the infection will spread, rendering the affected area swollen and stiff; salmon poisoning is similar to coral poisoning. I knew of a fellow who didn't treat his mild instance of salmon poisoning - the next day his entire arm up to the shoulder was red, swollen and stiff.

Treatment for early mild infection is simple. Wash the affected area and apply antiseptic ointment. On the dock we dabbed on a bit of Bag Balm, slapped on a Band-aid and called it good.

Another form of meaning for salmon poisoning is the disease which affects dogs who eat raw fish, notably salmon. I leave it to some other enterprising noder to write up the details.

Also, please note: salmon poisoning is not salmonella. That is an entirely different disease, caused by different bacteria, spread by different vectors.

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