From: The Thorough Good Cook

Fish: 20. Salmon a la Braise

Slit a large eel open, take out the bone and remove the meat from it. Chop the meat fine with two anchovies, some lemon-peel cut fine, a little pepper and grated nutmeg, with some parsley and thyme cut small, and the yolk of an egg boiled hard. Mix them all together, and roll them up in a piece of butter. Then take a large piece of fine salmon, or a salmon trout, and put this forcemeat into the belly of the fish. Sew it up, and lay it in an oval stew-pan that will just hold it. Next put half a pound of fresh butter into a stew-pan, and when it is melted shake in a little flour. Stir it till it is a little brown, and put to it a pint of fish broth and a pint of Madeira. Season with pepper, salt, mace, and cloves, and put in an onion and a bunch of sweet herbs. Stir all together and put it to the fish; cover it very close, and let it stew. When the fish is almost done, put in some fresh and pickled mushrooms, truffles, or morels, cut in pieces, and let them stew till the fish is quite done. Take up the salmon carefully, lay it in a dish, and put the sauce over it.

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