Salish Lodge & Spa
Resort Hotel
Snoqualmie, Washington

Sure, there are many resort hotels all over the world. What makes this one particularly noteworthy? The Salish Lodge is the hotel used for exterior shots of The Great Northern Hotel in the television series Twin Peaks. The waterfall seen along with The Great Northern is the Snoqualmie Falls, a 268 foot natural falls above which the Salish Lodge was constructed.

The interior of the Salish Lodge is not the interior of the Great Northern, which is likely sitting out in pieces behind a dumpster somewhere in Hollywood. The Salish Lodge's rooms all come with fireplaces and two-person whirlpool tubs, amenities missing from the rooms of The Great Northern.

The Salish Lodge is named for the Salish Indians, a Native American tribe native to the area, which is thirty-five miles from Seattle. The decor is said to reflect this connection, although the Salish Lodge offers a "pillow menu," allowing you to choose from a variety of comfort and therapeutic pillows, and a wood paneled spa, which are probably alien concepts to the Salish people.

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