Gorgonia was the daughter of Saint Gregory of Nazianzus the Elder and Saint Nonna. Her two brothers, Gregory and Caesarius, also became saints. Much of what we know about Gorgonia seems to come from the eulogy given at her funeral by her brother Gregory, in which he extolls her modesty and virtue.

She was a housewife, and the mother of several children. Twice during her life, she was miraculously cured of serious injuries or illnesses. One of these incidents was the result of being trampled by a team of mules, which caused broken bones and internal bleeding. The other incident was an illness which manifested itself with headaches, fever, paralysis, and coma. Both times, the cure was attributed to the strength of her prayers

Her last words were said to have been "I will lay me down in peace, and take my rest." She died of natural causes around 375 A.D., at the age of 39, and is the patron saint of illness and sick people (although after reading her eulogy I have to wonder why she is not the patron saint of housewives). Her feast day is December 9th.


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