Named for Mars, the red planet, and indirectly for the Roman god of war, she is by far the best looking of the sailor scouts. She's known as Hino Rei when not in ass-kicking mode. If you've ever watched the english version, you know why she has such a short fuse for dealing with Serena; Serena's a whiny brat who runs away from anything more threatening than her talking cat.

Sailor Mars

Sailor Mars is Hino Rei when she is not in her sailor form. The sailor means super in Japanese, basically Super Mars. She has bad temper, but only when provoked. Rei has long black hair, and was the third sailor scout to re-awaken in the 20th century. She lives with her grandfather in a shrine and spends a lot of her time cleaning and meditating to the fire, which is her power. All of her powers have something to do with fire, and she has a resemblance to the Roman god of war, Mars, in which the red planet is named for.

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