Played by Julia Sawhalha in Absolutely Fabulous, she is the teenage daughter of Edina Monsoon. In comparision to her mother, she dresses in very drab colours and has a fascination with cardigans and the like. She is, however, the only responsible adult in the household, having to clear up after her mother, cook and do all the household chores that Edina should do. She also works very hard at school. At the end of the first episode of the first series, Edina comes home drunk and unable to let herself in. Saffron simply refuses to open the door and goes to bed!

Most people assume that Saffy is a virgin. Of course, there is no change her underlying bookish attitude across the series, but there were hints that she had sex at some point. She went to Morocco and was said to have done it with a bellboy. And in one episode she spent a quiet night in with her boyfriend and some nature documentaries - well, you know what they show on TV nowadays.

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